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 My little spoiled brat of a baby, my Haku, is gone forever it seems. He snuck out of the backyard when my mom wasn't home two months ago and hasn't been seen since. She said she checked the pounds in the area everyday for two weeks, which is more than pounds even give animals to live (only 3 days). Even the neighbors couldn't believe he was gone.

I only found out today on the way home from the airport because my mom didn't want me to dwell on that kind of information at school.

Dammit, he was supposed to grow old with me (fuck I'm crying right now). He was only 5 years old and you know how chihuahuas live for like 20 years. I was supposed to move out of my mom's house and take him with me wherever I ended up. 

I can't right now.


I am very sorry hun
i'm so so sorry to hear that your puppy is missing. i know how it is to lose a pet-- it just breaks your heart. my papillon was murdered 6 or 7 years ago, it was so hard to get over him. only last year could i stand to have a cat again.
omg i'm so sorry to hear that :/
oh nooooo! :'[
poor you *hugs*